The tale of Villa Retreat begins, and continues, with the idea of discovery and new experiences. The property dates back to 1845 – to the very establishment of Kodaikanal, when J.T Noyes built a few shacks at the cliffs of the hills. Past the lush greenery, sparkling lakes and seemingly endless waterfalls, lies Villa Retreat, the modern day evolution of Noyes’ shacks.
Our team, almost all of whom are locals, work in close conjunction, leveraging their proximity and background to create authentic experiences for our patrons. This includes curating personalized experiences at the homes of local experts for our guests so they can truly immerse themselves in Kodai’s unique culture. After a long day of exploration, visitors are welcomed back to a homely retreat – a place where guests can discover local and experimental cuisine, immerse themselves in art and design, disconnect from technology, connect with nature and meet and interact with unique personalities from all over the world.

So, what does this all mean? Come, find out. We’re beyond excited to show you!

It’s as Kodai as it can be.

At Villa Retreat, we want our guests to feel at home.

That’s why every part of the Villa Retreat experience, from the team, the food to the rooms and activities we offer, is all tailored around comfort and the sense of camaraderie. Plus the close proximity of the town with all the restaurants, Kodai Lake, Kodai Club, the Kodai International School & Coakers Walk at a 5min walkable distance, adds as an advantage if you stay with us.

Wyckoff’s Dining Room

After a long day of exploration, visitors are welcomed back to a homely retreat – a place where guests can discover local and experimental cuisine.

  • Places to see when you visit

    Night Drive

    Wander into the winding roads of the forest, within a breezy drive through a night of nocturnal nature. Pass by the Upper Lake View Point and gaze at glowing houses and starfish-shaped lights outlining the lovely lake. At Palani Temple View Point, be dazzled by the showcase of stars sprinkled in the sky to illuminate your romantic or family date in Kodai. Enjoy warm lemon ginger tea as it tames your wild heart after such a unique experience.

  • Places to see when you visit

    Forest Pool Swim

    Explore Kodai’s hidden gem, a nature pool within a sustainable organic farm owned by a charming couple. Unique in its philosophy that all life should live, you will encounter the splendor of nature in the farm within a forest. Plants and animals coexist harmoniously. Stroll to the tranquil waterfall cascading to a nature pool with crystal waters – your perfect spot for meditation and contemplative musings in Kodai.

At Villa Retreat, what you discover is not just the accommodation at its best, but the feel of Kodaikanal

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