Travellers Room Plus+

Occupancy 2+1

Size 240 Sqft.

No View

Queen Bed

Complimentary Breakfast

24/7 Hot Water with Geyser

Satellite TV

Room Service


Locally Sourced Toiletries

In-House Laundry

Car Parking

Travel Desk

Spacious with a separate sitting and bedroom, the Travellers Room Plus+ is adjacent to the outside garden, giving you a refreshing view of the flower bed and greenery outside. And with the sounds of birds chirping filtering through the windows, there is no better place to relax after exploring the lanes of Kodaikanal.
On the inside, the focal point of attention are the murals representing the wildlife and nature of Kodaikanal. Painted by Taslina Nazar who has keen interest colours and geometric shapes, these murals add a burst of brightness to the entire room, while the wooden slats on the ceiling give the room a cozy feeling.
The Travellers Room Plus offers double occupancy, but a mattress can be provided at extra cost upon request.
After a whole day of exploring the beauty of the town, guests of the Travellers’ Room Plus+ have the privilege of unwinding at our lush green lawn area. Pair it with a view of the valley with its quietly bustling life, an evening stroll across the lawn makes for the perfect ending to your day.
We understand that sometimes, work is the priority, so we’ve intentionally kept Wi-Fi service to our lobby area. As part of the Villa Retreat experience, rooms are maintained as they are, without Wi-Fi to let our guests truly disconnect and soak in the magic of Kodaikanal.

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