Mini Sun Room with Valley View

Occupancy 2

Size 160 Sqft.

Valley View with Sunrise

Complimentary Breakfast

Mini-Queen Bed

24/7 Hot Water with Geyser

Satellite TV

Room Service


Locally Sourced Toiletries

In-House Laundry

Car Parking

Travel Desk

The Mini Sun Room is perfect for those who want to wake up with the view of the valley every day during their stay here in Kodaikanal. Directly visible from the bed, valley stretches out in front of you every morning as the sun shines its light and warmth through the windows.
And the beauty of the room isn’t limited to the room itself. From the moment you enter through the door framed by creepers hugging exposed stone to walking down quaint wooden stairs to reach your room, the Mini Sun Room has everything you need for an unforgettable stay at Villa Retreat.
The Mini Sun Room offers double occupancy.
We go bonkers everytime we whiff past the valley view room, especially at night. While the sun takes centre stage during the day, the nights are truly magical. The lights from the houses in the valley make it seem like a jewel box with diamonds spread all over. It sparkles and shines even more as if they want to match the sheen of the stars in the night sky.
We understand that sometimes, work is the priority, so we’ve intentionally kept Wi-Fi service to our lobby area. As part of the Villa Retreat experience, rooms are maintained as they are, without Wi-Fi to let our guests truly disconnect and soak in the magic of Kodaikanal.

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