Perumal Malai View with City View

Occupancy 2+1

Size 240 Sqft.

Complimentary breakfast

Cable TV


King size bed

Room service

Room safe

Car Parking

Wi-Fi service

We understand that sometimes, work is the priority, so we’ve intentionally kept Wi-Fi service to our lobby area. As part of the Villa Retreat experience, rooms are maintained as they are, without Wi-Fi to let our guests truly disconnect and soak in the magic of Kodaikanal.

Enjoy nature’s bounty

A part of Villa Retreat’s history being the first few rooms to be offered to guests when we started off, the Signature Suite is not just a room; it is an experience. Large windows face the valley and the garden, with a comfortable window seat providing you with the perfect vantage point to sit and enjoy nature’s bounty from the privacy of your own room.

Something to lose yourself in

During the day, if you decide to stay in, there is plenty to capture your attention. From couches positioned to give you the most of the view to abstract paintings and eclectic art that dots the view, no matter where you look, there is something to lose yourself in. The slats on the roof covered with soda glass amplify the light the filters in, ensuring that the room is bright and well-lit, creating a positive atmosphere.

Spacious Rooms

But the true magic of the Signature Suite is revealed at night. Once the sun sets, the fireplace is lit and the area fills with the warmth and light from the fire, casting a beautiful glow across the room.

Bask in the glow of a fireplace.

You can sit and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones next to the fire, reliving your experiences of Kodaikanal so far, or just sharing a comfortable silence with each other. You can also choose to have your dinner in your room, giving you more time to bask in the glow of the fireplace. The Signature Suite offers double occupancy, but two additional mattresses can be provided at extra cost upon request.


  • 10 days prior to check-in: No cancellation charges.
  • Between 1 to 9 days of check-in: Cancellation charges equal to 50% of the full booking amount.
  • Within 24 hours of check-in: Cancellation charges equal to 100% of the full booking amount will be applicable.
  • Refunds will take 10 working days to come through and will attract 5% of retention charges.
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