Sun Room with Valley View

Occupancy 2

Size 190 Sqft.

Valley View with Sunrise

Queen Bed

Complimentary Breakfast

24/7 Hot Water with Geyser

Satellite TV

Room Service


Locally Sourced Toiletries

In-House Laundry

Car Parking

Travel Desk

Everyone comes to Kodaikanal for the view of the valley. And from the Sun Room with Valley View, you can enjoy the beautiful vista of the valley spread out below you right from your window. Furnished to make the most of the view and sunlight, you will be woken up by the warmth of the rising sun – especially useful in the winters.
And as the day goes by, the room warms up, providing you with the perfect refuge against the chill of Kodaikanal. But if you decide not to head out, then the window seat is perfectly positioned to give you exceptional views out the window. So whether you decide to just sit back and relax, or curl up with a good book, you won’t miss out on the view.
The Sun Room with Valley View comes with and without balcony. The rooms without a balcony has a Bay Window, and offers double occupancy.
The advantage of staying at the Sun Room with the Valley view is that one gets to experience Kodai’s majestic valley which is perfectly positioned to give you a view of the sun rising. And in case you decide to sleep in and miss the sunrise, the Valley has a breathtaking surprise for you in the night changing her look to seem like a jewel box studded with diamonds shining in the backdrop of stars in the night sky.
We understand that sometimes, work is the priority, so we’ve intentionally kept Wi-Fi service to our lobby area. As part of the Villa Retreat experience, rooms are maintained as they are, without Wi-Fi to let our guests truly disconnect and soak in the magic of Kodaikanal.

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